Tutor Name Muireann M.
Hourly rate for one-to-one €25-29
First online lesson free? No
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5 average based on 12 reviews
Lesson Type Online (One-to-One)
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Online classes are €25 per hour for primary and Junior Cycle students, and €32 for casual adult learners, Leaving Cert, and university students. A discount is given if you require multiple classes per week, and for groups.

I graduated from Maynooth University in 2016 with a 1.1 in Spanish and German (having spent my Erasmus year in Germany), and immediately relocated to Spain where I lived until 2020 teaching both Spanish and English as a Foreign Language. In my six years as a teacher I've had experience with all ages, and have worked both with groups and one-to-one. I’m also familiar with the state exams, having marked Junior Certificate Spanish at both Ordinary and Higher Level as well as the new Junior Cycle Common Level.

Lessons are tailored to each student's needs, interests, and learning style. Homework and corrections can be provided. I can be flexible with class times and I'm available during school holidays. Classes are held on Zoom.

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5 average based on 12 reviews
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  • Apr 2022
    Pauline O'Sullivan Helped my son prepare for the Spanish oral exam and he improved a lot with her help. Exam went really well in the end.
  • Jan 2022
    Catherine Kehoe Very much recommend Muireann! My daughter went from hating Spanish in first and second year to it being among her favourite subjects in third year. She finds it so much easier in school now and feels confident about her upcoming mock exam.
  • Jan 2022
    Vince P. I decided to start taking Spanish lessons before I relocated to Spain for work. I had no knowledge of Spanish beforehand but after 3 months I felt comfortable reading, speaking, and understanding the language. Muireann is a very patient, knowledgeable, and effective teacher. I made so much progress with her and even though I was reluctant at the beginning due to a bad track record with Irish and French, she really made me feel at ease from the beginning and I never felt that she would judge me for making mistakes. Muchas gracias y mucha suerte Muireann!
  • Jan 2022
    Siobhán Muireann has been a great help to my son over the past few months and his Spanish Christmas grade improved so much from last year. We would highly recommend her to anyone looking for help with their Spanish.
  • Aug 2021
    Caroline Power. I contacted Muireann at the start of the summer to help my son (due to start 5th year in the coming weeks) with his Spanish as he fell behind a good bit due to the upheaval of Covid. Initially we only wanted grinds during the summer, but she’s been so helpful that we now want to see the school year through with her.
  • Jul 2021
    Jess I started Spanish grinds with Muireann a few months ago and I feel like I've improved a lot already. She's really nice and encouraging and never gets impatient with me. The homework she gives me every week helps a lot and she always gives me Spanish podcast and tv show recommendations so I can improve my listening skills. Gracias Muireann!! :)
  • Jul 2021
    Geraldine McDonagh My daughter started Spanish grinds with Muireann after Christmas and has just found out that she got a H2 in her summer exams, which is a huge improvement over her grade at Christmas! She tells me that Muireann is great at explaining grammar and is very creative at coming up with ways to help her remember certain things. She's very enthusiastic about Spanish now going into 6th year, which is a complete 180 from last year.
  • Apr 2021
    Linzi Calvert Muireann did a great job teaching my daughter Spanish. She's patient, reliable and good at explaining grammar. Totally recommendable.
  • Mar 2021
    Sarah Muirean has been great help to my son. He had fallen behind and she got him caught up very quickly.
  • Feb 2021
    Patricia Highly recommended!!
  • Feb 2021
    Eimer McCormack Muireann has been teaching my son since Christmas and his Spanish grades have improved a lot. She’s very knowledgeable about her subject and has great rapport with her students. I would highly recommend Muireann as a Spanish grinds tutor.
  • Feb 2021
    Angela Muireann was an excellent tutor for my daughter, Avery. She was always well-prepared, and tailored her classes exactly to Avery's needs. Avery came on leaps and bounds thanks to Muireann. Muireann is very professional and personable, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone.
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