Tutor Name Ben Pickles
Hourly rate for one-to-one €30-34
First online lesson free? Yes
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Last Online 7 Dec 2019
Tutor Bio
I am a qualified secondary school maths teacher and have been teaching in schools and providing private maths grinds for 7 years. I also spent a year studying the approach to maths teaching used in the highest achieving countries in Asia now known in western countries as "teaching maths for mastery".

My honours degree in Mathematics and its Learning gave me in depth study of the way we develop mathematical thinking and as such I take a very personalised approach to grinds; first getting to know what a student's current understanding is and then building upon this to correct misconceptions and apply their knowledge to new topics. This approach helps learners to understand the relationships that connect all of mathematics together rather than just having to remember a huge list of distinct processes.

Each hour long grind session costs €40. I will travel to you anywhere within an approx. 30 minute radius of Wexford town.

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