Tutor Name Clodagh Murray
Hourly rate for one-to-one €25-29
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Last Online 15 Jan 2023
Tutor Bio
Bonjour! I'm Clodagh, a 2nd year student in Global Business France, a dual degree in Dublin City Univeristy and Neoma Business School, France. I specialise in French tutoring, online and in-person, where possible, with both Junior Cycle and Leaving Cert students. I obtained a H1 in my French Leaving Cert in 2021, achieving over 95% in all components of the exam. I also achieved an A in my Junior Cert in 2018.

What I offer:
• One-on-one or group grinds that focus on each student's specific needs
• Leaving Cert French Oral preparation
• CBA guidance for Junior Cycle students
• Flexibility in duration and frequency of sessions

(Enquire for pricing on reduced group session rates)

I have worked with students since I completed my Leaving Cert in 2021. French is a great passion of mine and through tutoring I aim to make learning and studying French as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. The approach I take varies with each individual student to best meet their unique needs and to help overcome their challenges as no two students are the same in their learning style.

After our sessions, students are provided with comprehensive notes, personalised where relevant, as well as exercises to practise and online resources to deepen their comprehension of French in their own time.

I have also worked as a French Language Assistant in a secondary school. In this role I assisted a large number of students, one-on-one, in preparing them for their French oral exam. This has given me great insight into and experience with the oral aspect of this subject.

Looking forward to helping you reach your potential in French. À bientôt!

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5 average based on 5 reviews
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  • Aug 2022
    Arianna Clodagh's attention to detail was apparent in both our sessions and her notes. Her clarity and passion were evident and are an unparalleled essential in exam preparations!
  • Aug 2022
    Grace I would definitely recommend Clodagh for anyone looking for fast improvement of their French speaking skills and a dedicated teacher who works with you and your weaknesses. I did not have a lot of confidence in my French speaking before starting classes, but after them I went into my French oral feeling well prepared and confident! Clodagh gave me tailored notes based on what I wanted to communicate and worked with me to make sure my pronunciation was better.
  • Aug 2022
    Avril I really appreciated that the sessions and the notes Clodagh sent on were specific to what I wanted to discuss in my oral, which is something you can't always get from practising in a classroom.
  • Aug 2022
    Daniella The most productive grinds I've ever attended. Clodagh's exam-focused sessions were a lifesaver!
  • Aug 2022
    Dorothy Clodagh's relaxed but extremely effective approach brought our son forward in leaps and bounds. An amazing ally in the lead up to the exams
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