Tutor Name Conor Slattery
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Last Online 2 Aug 2021
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Having received university offers from the three most selective schools in the world (Stanford, Harvard, and Columbia), I will be studying engineering in Stanford University as part of the Class of 2025. I was led to apply to these schools through my passion for learning and I hope to impart this passion and my knowledge to other students of all abilities!

I am incredibly flexible and tailor how I teach to each individual student, considering their strengths and weaknesses to maximise their exam success.

Some of my own educational experience:
I completed the Leaving Certificate in June 2021. I studied English, Irish, Maths, Physics, Applied Maths, Biology, Geography and French, all at Higher Level. Taking the SATs (a standardised test required to apply to US colleges), I performed in the top percentile across both sections ('Reading & Writing' and 'Math'). During my Transition Year, I completed 4 university engineering modules in Dublin City University and received First Class Honours in every exam I sat. I was also selected as one of six students to represent Ireland in an exchange program with Arizona State University where I studied college level Physics and Engineering. I have also spent time interning in Trinity College Dublin's Department of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering.

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