Tutor Name Sarah Feeney
Lesson Type Online
Last Online 10 Sep 2021
Tutor Bio
Hi! I'm a medical student at Royal College of Surgeons Dublin. This is my third year giving formal grinds to students. I received 7 H1s in LC 2019 and a First in my first year exams in college.

My priority is to help students understand topics and know how to solve problems as opposed to rote learning. I am happy to let the student guide me in what they would like to cover, whether that be along with topics their class is covering in school or revising topics they've struggled with previously. I'm confident in my knowledge of each of the subjects I'm offering and believe that one-to-one grinds with someone who has been through the system so recently is greatly beneficial.

Pricing: €25 JC, €30 LC

Junior Cert

Science (Revised Syllabus)

Leaving Cert

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