Tutor Name Cormac Cinnsealach
Lesson Type One-to-One   Online
Last Online 26 Nov 2020
Tutor Bio
I'm currently a qualifying Mathematician in Trinity College Dublin. I teach Maths, Applied Maths, Physics and Irish. I also teach Maths to students outside of the Irish education system.

I can teach the above STEM subjects in Irish at a slightly higher rate. Irish is an active hobby and passion of mine. I attained my education through the medium of Irish from primary school till leaving certificate. The language was also spoken in the family home, so my level of Irish is very high and I have an in depth knowledge of the secondary school STEM subjects in Irish.

I got H1s in all subjects that I tutor.

My rates for Maths, Physics and Applied Maths are 30 euro per hour. I can teach these subjects in Irish at a 10 euro per hour additional charge (subject to change). I teach the subject of Irish at 20 euro per hour.

No matter how difficult my students may find the course material, I always find a way to express concepts that suits my students. Everyone understands things in their own way and I find it exciting finding a way to express concepts and ideas from maths, applied maths, physics and Irish in a way that my students will understand. You may trust me to be a very patient person :)

I'm also a part time software developer, a field of work of which my interest in STEM subjects came from

You can email me at cormacpjk00@gmail.com
Looking forward to your message!

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