Tutor Name Katherine Irwin
Lesson Type One-to-One   Group   Online
Last Online 17 Jan 2021
Tutor Bio
I completed my Leaving Certificate in June 2019 and then I took a gap year. I am currently studying Biological and Biomedical Sciences at Trinity College Dublin. As I have only recently completed secondary school myself, I have a great understanding of what it is like to study for the State Exams as a student and how daunting some areas of certain subjects can be. Tutoring is very dependant on the individual, and so I adjust my approach based on the learning style and level of the student. I meet the student where they are in their understanding of topics, and I proceed at a speed that allows the student to be at ease and to have full confidence in their learning and their ability. I want to create a relaxed environment, where students can feel comfortable to ask any questions they may have and also have input in how we proceed with covering topics. I currently tutor one student for Leaving Certificate chemistry, and I have helped family members on many occasions with homework/study for the Junior and Leaving Certificate.

Junior Cert

Science (Revised Syllabus)

Leaving Cert



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