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4.9 average based on 21 reviews
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Last Online 26 Nov 2021
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~~~~~ €35 euros an hour Online~~~~~
I have been teaching for 25 years and actively tutor online on a variety of well known European platforms for private lessons at primary, secondary and university levels for a wide range of students and professionals.

Holiday and peak time lessons are at a supplement. Shorter and longer lesson durations are available at different prices to my hourly rate. Please ask.

Review of essays and assignments and feedback is possible just with or without the student present. It is at my hourly rate (35 euros) short notice lesson are available at a supplement of 50%.

Weekend lessons 8am-4pm are available.

I will discuss what I do and what I don’t do (within my experience, timeline and official capacity). I do not write for students. I do not submit my work as yours. I present ideas and draft plans. I prepare comments and notes and rewrite content already created for flow and clarity. I include what I do and time related activity and what is priority and extra to general lessons. This is to avoid miscommunication and give your work the time and effort you expect.

Shorter lessons of 30mins are at a flat rate of 30 euros.

I have my terms and conditions that include what I do and time related activity and what is priority and extra to general lessons. This is to avoid miscommunication and give your work the time and effort you expect. 

I proofread and highlight errors at the given stipulation of minimum of 25 comments.  To do as a priority so as per 50% increase of my rate, or if you require more comment or corrections, then it is to be agreed ahead of me starting and the price will adjust accordingly. 

While I believe strongly in tutor led expertise, the student should feel comfortable to ask any and all questions, develop their own curiosities and resolve and any doubts they may have. It is my personal belief that unless you can do something with clear process, it is not part of your current skill set. My job is to make it possible for you to understand and perform at the level required of what you want at the key time to demonstrate it whether that is solving an equation, explaining a theory or using accurately a grammar structure. Let me guide you to build your skills!!!

I'm creative and work with a wide variety of materials from standard revision techniques, to technology and exam skill memory tricks. I draw from multiple curricula, provide exam worked solutions, mark schemes and questions from both the UK, Irish and International exam boards. I believe in exam focused preparation with strong vocal and aural success. I have been involved in course writing an instructional design and love using innovative methods which are student centred and unusual that generate interest, motivation and engagement. Success is developed through past exam papers analysis and modelling clear answers to gain maximum marks in every instance. I set questions, and independent tasks during lessons and work consistently and methodically through revision topics and plan timelines for review and execute content tests to demonstrate progress.

In Business subjects, I take a practical repetitive approach to generating confidence and motivating partial self answering. I build confidence through working with weak areas and breaking down key concepts to increase understanding and knowledge in real world application to gain marks and increase grades.

I am an experienced tutor, further education trainer and state qualified teacher with a DBS,QTS, Garda Vetting, Teaching Council of Ireland membership. I have taught in public, private and international schools at both primary and secondary level for Maths, Psychology, Sociology, English Language and Literature,Economics, Accounting, Business Studies, Irish,Italian, French,Media Studies, Resource and English as a Second Language, Italian, Economics. I have supported students online and in person for over 20 years from primary to university for exam preparation (SATS,11+, 13+, 16+, Entrance exams, Placement tests, GCSE, AS level, A level, Junior and Leaving Cert) and skills techniques and development. I have taught under the UK, Italian, Spanish and Maltese education systems.

Cancellations and last minute arranged lessons are available but clearly demonstrated in my terms and conditions. My aim is to be clear and meant to make both sides happy with any and all interactions. All adjustments and comments are welcome.

Junior Cert

Business Studies
Civic, Social and Political Education (CSPE)
Classical Studies
Environmental and Social Studies (ESS)
Home Economics

Leaving Cert

Agricultural Economics
Classical Studies
Design and Communication Graphics
Home Economics

Third Level

Applied Languages
Applied Psychology
Business Information Systems
Business Studies
Celtic Civilisation
Database Management
European Studies
Financial Services
Home Economics
International Business
Media Studies
Mobile Communications
Office Information Systems
Organisational Analysis
Planning and Environmental Management
Political Science
Process Engineering
Product Design
Production Management
Property Economics
Public Health
Public Relations
Social Care
Social Early Childhood Studies
Social Government
Social Health Science
Social Political Science
Social Science
Supply Chain Management


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4.9 average based on 21 reviews
  • 5 stars 19
  • 4 stars 1
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  • 2 stars 0
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  • Date Rating Author Review
  • Sep 2021
    Stephen Tierney I found Nicola to be very helpful, she had clear explanations and was patient with my level of understanding throughout the grinds
  • Aug 2021
    Cíara She was so helpful really helped me pass my exam notes were amazing
  • Aug 2021
    Cian McNamara I have been doing DCG grinds with Nicola over the Summer months. She explains things very well and I am finding it to be a great experience.
  • Apr 2021
    Rachel O Riordan I do French grinds with Nicola and I have found the lessons very interesting and helpful for leaving cert French. Her approach is very student specific and she makes sure you understand before she moves on.
  • Apr 2021
    Samantha With me doing LC Accounting outside of school Nicola has been excellent in teaching me the course and is extremely helpful and knowledgeable.
  • Apr 2021
    Emily L Nicola was really helpful although I felt that I could have benefitted more from a current leaving cert teacher as she does not speak the language everyday. Overall she did accommodate to my needs and she was lovely. I would definitely recommend her to a weaker student
  • Mar 2021
    Laura Nicola is a fantastic Irish teacher, she showed great enthusiasm and was extremely helpful and I felt I could be very honest with her and super easy going which is a lovely trait to have. I will definitely recommend her to people in need of Irish grinds. Her irish language standard is second to none. All the best Nicola.
  • Mar 2021
    Elaina Naughton Very helpful! I would definitely recommend 😊
  • Mar 2021
    Lisa Excellent teacher. Sorry we didnt find her earlier in the school year.
  • Feb 2021
    Alana Nicola has been a great help to me. She is extremely diligent and has supported me to excel in my business studies. She has helped me understand business concepts and how they apply in the real world. She allows you to feel comfortable and gives you all the possible tools needed to reach your full potential. Nicola is well versed and knowledgeable. She is always able to apply world life examples to topics giving me a more comprehensive understanding. Furthermore, she adapts her methods of teaching depending on what you are required to study which is very helpful. Nicola helps and supports you with any concerns you have. She has given me a passion for business studies. The environment she teaches in allows students to excel and I look forward to every business class.
  • Feb 2021
    Shirley Delighted with Irish grinds my daughter did with Nicola. She was very friendly and her teaching was exactly the help my daughter needed to improved her Irish. Would highly recommend Nicola.
  • Feb 2021
    Charlotte Lamont helped a lot with my irish and gave handy links, vocabulary and tips which i can use forever to help
  • Jan 2021
    Ollie Jones She's a very good DCG teacher. I started my grinds with her having done very little of the course. She has made the chapters and topics easily comprehensible and doesn't move on until I understand them.
  • Jan 2021
    Oleglevins Very kind, is opene to difrent learning styles and over all a very good teacher
  • Jan 2021
    Sarah Keating I did grinds with Nicola for leaving cert accounting and found them extremely beneficial. My confidence and ability improved majorly and couldn’t recommend her service enough!
  • Dec 2020
    Jessica Lynch Nicola is a fantastic teacher! I came to nicola for help with Irish as I wanted to pursue primary teaching. I hadn’t studied Irish in over ten years and Nicola was so understanding and constantly encouraged me. She was all about structure and getting on top of my skills for Irish. Even so I really struggled and nicola was constantly persistent and still is to help me. As long as you’re willing to put in the effort, nicola will help you as much as she possibly can, she doesn’t take shortcuts and is very thorough. She is a fantastic teacher.
  • Dec 2020
    Jane Loughnan My daughter has been having online grinds with Nicola for the past few months. Nicola has been very kind and patient. She is very knowledgeable and has a lovely manner in her teaching style. We would highly recommend her.
  • Dec 2020
    Clare O Riordan Very good
  • Dec 2020
    Edel doran Very helpful, makes work very easy to understand and is super friendly
  • Dec 2020
    Jackie Gaffrey Nicola is excellent, so patient. She makes time to explain the difficult parts of the wonderful world of economics. I would highly recommend Nicola as a tutor.
  • Dec 2020
    Sinead Alexandre My daughter is in 5th Year Accounting and Nicola has been helping her for the past few months. She is always punctual and well prepared and strives to adapt to the student's needs. I highly recommend her to anyone preparing for the Leaving Cert.
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