Tutor Name Shane Mc Namara
Review Rating
5 average based on 29 reviews
Lesson Type One-to-One   Group   Online
Last Online 3 Dec 2021
Tutor Bio
- I am studying to become an Irish and French teacher in NUI Galway.
- I have a Bachelor of Art's degree in Irish and French from NUI Galway.
- In the 2021 leaving cert my students achieved the following grades: 4 H1s 5 H2s 4 H3s
- You can see the reviews on my profile from students and parents that have contacted me through grindsworld.
- For Junior Cycle Irish and French I charge 25 euros an hour.
- For Leaving cert Irish and French I charge 30 euros an hour.
- Students must have email so I can send zoom link and class notes.
- Lessons with groups of students (maximum 5) are available at 20 euros per student.
- Have experience with helping Irish medium students with French.
- I offer one off intensive oral and grammar classes for students.
- Have places available for new academic year.
- You can send me an email at s.mcnamara27@nuigalway.ie
- You can contact me on Whatsapp at 087 737 1866.

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5 average based on 29 reviews
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  • Oct 2021
    Anna Shane’s Irish grinds really helped me to improve my grade. He gave great notes for the oral and written paper. These notes were well laid out and easy to understand. I would highly recommend.
  • Sep 2021
    Ann Casey Shane is an excellent tutor. He helped my son to get a H2 in Irish in the leaving cert. My son found him to be very good at explaining things and he found the oral practice with Shane really beneficial. I recommend Shane as a tutor to anyone.
  • Sep 2021
    Oran Maguire I got a H2 in the leaving cert French exam. This was after nearly failing my 5th year French exam. My teacher wasn't doing enough especially with grammar and the oral. Shane came with a new approach and I developed confidence at the oral and the other areas of my exam. Without Shane's help, I would not have gotten as high a grade.
  • Sep 2021
    Aoife Miley I got 93% in my leaving cert Irish exam this year. Irish was my weakest subject but I needed a high grade to get into medicine. Shane's help with the oral and techniques and notes on written questions helped to bring up my level of Irish. I got my first choice course with thanks to Shane's help and couldn't be happier.
  • Sep 2021
    Rachael Conlon I got a H1 in leaving cert French with Shane. He was absolutely fantastic and helped me to really improve my oral which was my weakest area. In my actual leaving cert oral I got 88%. Without Shane's help I could not have got a H1. Would recommend him to anyone looking for help.
  • Sep 2021
    Ava Donlan I did Irish grinds with Shane from January 2021 to the leaving cert in June. I went from a H4 to a H2 with Shane's help. Notes were excellent. Shane was punctual and always polite. My friends also found him to be a great help.
  • Aug 2021
    Edward Noble I can only agree with everything that has been said in the other reviews here. Shane has been tutoring my son for six months now. When we started with Shane, my son only got 41% in his Christmas test. Come the summer test, his grade doubled to 82%. Shane helped show my son where he was going wrong and where he needed to improve. My son has found Shane's notes and focus on exam questions to be a great help and is now at ease with the language. Would highly recommend Shane as a French tutor.
  • Aug 2021
    Sharon O Connor My daughter Chloe has been doing 3rd year French grinds with Shane for a few months now. He is polite, punctual and very knowledgeable about the junior cycle curriculum. Chloe has seen a great improvement with her French since we started. Shane is a great tutor!
  • Aug 2021
    Sean Lowe I've been doing French lessons with Shane since June. I was really behind at French due to bad teacher. He's very good at explaining difficult grammar and helping me with my pronunciation for the oral. I feel much more confident going into 6th year having had Shane's help.
  • Aug 2021
    Sorcha Staunton I've been doing Irish grinds with Shane over the summer months. I have found him a great help especially at improving my oral. I would recommend him to anyone looking for help.
  • Jun 2021
    Aoife Hayes, Caoimhe Shane did group grinds with us for French since last October until the leaving cert. Due to a bad teacher, we were very behind in French. At all times he was friendly and supportive. He went basic to the basics and showed us the grammar and vocabulary that we had missed out on. We had to start from scratch at the oral which was no problem with Shane. He prepared answers for us each week and we practiced the pronunciation. We all developed a liking for French and one of us is even looking to study the language at college. Overall we found Shane great value for money at 20 euros per person and only we regret that we didn't start sooner. Would recommend Shane for 1-1 and group French lessons. Aoife Hayes, Caoimhe Duggan, Rachel Kavanagh, Roisin Coyne.
  • Jun 2021
    John O'Rourke My daughter started 5th year grinds for Irish with Shane last September. Having barely passed her junior cert Irish in 2019 and having done hardly any Irish in Transition Year, she was not confident going into higher level. Now, one year on with Shane's help, she managed to get a H2 in her summer test. Shane emailed notes on each week and regularly gave feedback on Sophie's progress. Sophie has now started French lessons for the summer with Shane and find him equally as good in this subject. We would recommend Shane to anyone looking for help with languages.
  • Jun 2021
    Mary Joyce My son started 2nd year French grinds with Shane having failed his French Christmas test. Five months on he got 81% in his summer test! Shane was very patient and diligent with James. His detailed grammar notes helped James to improve and he now likes the language. We will continue with Shane throughout 3rd year and possibly beyond into leaving cert. Would definitely recommend to anyone struggling with French in school or looking to improve grades in the subject.
  • Jun 2021
    Robyn O'Neil Shane's a very nice person and a great tutor. I've had Shane as an Irish tutor since last September. With Shane, my Irish improved quickly and it wasn't long before I noticed an improvement in my grades. I became much more fluent and confident with the oral. As well as this he showed me how to answer reading comprehensions properly, something which my teacher didn't do. I found Shane most useful for the essays and literature which was always my weakest area. His grammar notes and sample answers were a great help and I used many of them in my Irish exams this week. Before I started with Shane I wasn't confident of getting the H4 needed for primary school teaching but now feel confident of getting this grade in September. Would recommend Shane to anyone struggling in higher level Irish.
  • Jun 2021
    Conor O'Donnell Very good French tutor. I had Shane for a few preparatory lessons before the oral. He helped to put me at ease and really focused on my pronunciation which was quite weak. I returned to Shane a month before the written exam for three classes a week. We worked on grammar and Shane gave me notes on questions most likely to appear. Most of the questions we covered came up on the exam and as a result I feel I have gotten a high grade in French thanks to Shane's help.
  • May 2021
    Roisin McCormack I am a TY student doing French grinds with Shane since the start of the year. I hadn't a lot of French covered for the junior cycle due to a poor teacher and the exams being cancelled. Shane has helped to bring me up to speed with French. We have covered all the grammar I missed out on and we have started to practice exam questions. I will continue French with Shane throughout the summer and 5th year. Before I started French with Shane it was one of my least favorite subjects but now I actually look forward to learning French and don't mind the subject anymore. My friend has also joined us for lessons and she too is finding Shane very helpful. I recommend Shane as a tutor to anyone struggling with French.
  • May 2021
    Brian Quirke Shane has been helping my son to prepare for his 3rd year school tests. My son has found him to be patient, diligent and very good at explaining topics that he finds hard. My son has improved so much with Shane in such a short period of time. We will continue with Shane throughout the summer to help my son to prepare for 5th year Irish.
  • May 2021
    Ciara McNulty I am a 5th year student studying Irish and I have been doing grinds with Shane since January. I was struggling with Irish before I started with Shane and was thinking of dropping to pass. However with Shane's notes and explanations i have gone from barely basing up to a H4 in only a couple of months. Would highly recommend Shane to any higher level student struggling with higher level Irish.
  • Apr 2021
    Catriona Hayes Shane helped my daughter to obtain the pass that she needed in leaving cert ordinary level French to progress to university. Being dyslexic, French was obviously very challenging for my daughter. However, with Shane's help and guidance throughout the summer she was ready for the exam last September. Shane was kind, considerate and very patient with her. Without Shane, she would not have been able to pass the exam and I recommend him to anybody with dyslexia or struggling with languages.
  • Apr 2021
    Aisling Ní Griofa I go to a Gaelchólaiste and Shane has been helping me with French trí Ghaeilge since last September. Shane is a lovely person and very easy to get along with. He has helped me to improve my French especially my oral. Overall Shane has helped me to become more confident at the subject and I now feel like I can get a high grade in the subject. I would recommend Shane to anyone looking for help with French - wheather they are doing the exam through English or through Irish.
  • Apr 2021
    Geraldine Casey Shane is a brilliant Irish teacher. He has helped my son to really improve his Irish grades over the last few months. He is always prepared and sends notes to David each week. He has enjoyed Shane's classes and now doesn't mind Irish. Shane has also started helping one of David's friends in the last few weeks too and he too has noticed an improvement in his Irish.
  • Mar 2021
    Lauren Thomas I switched schools last September going into 5th year. French is not an option in my new school so I began French lessons with Shane two hours each week last October. So far he has been a brilliant tutor and French has become one of my favourite subjects. His notes are clear and very detailed. He is also excellent at helping with the oral. He puts a strong emphasis on correct pronunciation. I will continue with Shane throughout the summer holidays and for sixth year. For anybody whose finding French tough going or studying French as an extra subject outside school, I would 100% recommend Shane.
  • Mar 2021
    Michael O' Sullivan My 12 year old son and 9 year old daughter started Irish lessons with Shane during the first lockdown in April 2020. Both Sean and Chloe disliked Irish before we started with Shane. One year on and they absolutely love the Irish. Shane places an emphasis on the spoken language and does not overload the child with information. He has instilled his love of the Irish language in my children and couldn't be happier. I would highly recommend Shane to help any primary school child who finds Irish difficult.
  • Mar 2021
    Kate O' Neil I can't recommend Shane enough as an Irish tutor. I started grinds with Shane at the start of 6th year after I failed my 5th year summer test. Shane's notes, patience and kind manner helped me to really improve at Irish. I sat the leaving cert Irish exam in September 2020 and got a H3. I was absolutely delighted and this was all thanks to Shane's help each week. Would definitely recommend to anyone struggling in Irish.
  • Feb 2021
    Mary Walsh Shane has been a great tutor for my daughter since last September. She wasn't confident in French going into 5th year as she had only got a C in her junior Cert. Shane's notes, patience and teaching skills have helped her to improve and become more confident in French especially with the oral. She got 75% in her Christmas test which is a big improvement for her. We intend to continue with Shane for the rest of 5th year and for 6th year. Anybody who is struggling with French should consider getting Shane as a tutor. He is more than worth his fee and will help you to improve.
  • Feb 2021
    Michelle Ryan Shane started helping my son Michael with third year French at the start of the first lockdown. He was patient, diligent and had a friendly approach. My son's grades improved significantly in the three months with Shane. He went from getting 50s to getting 80 in his final junior cycle school exam. We were absolutely delighted with the result. My son is now in transition year and Shane is helping him to start preparing for leaving cert French. I would recommend Shane to anyone looking to improve at French.
  • Jan 2021
    Aileen Mejia Shane’s knowledge and tutorial skills are commendable that he made my son’s Irish exams result far better from his previous one . Was so happy that I chose him for he was really passionate about his job- not counting the extra minutes he’ll give to his student just to make sure that they got the day’s lesson. Would definitely recommend him as you will definitely get back your money’s worth. He’d really helped my son reached his full potential.
  • Jan 2021
    Alan Ryan My daughter always struggled with French during secondary school. About halfway through fifth year my daughter started lessons with Shane. Clodagh started to improve at French almost immediately and for the first time began to develop a love for the language. In the past year Clodagh has gone from almost failing French to 80 per cent in her 6th year Christmas test. He gives Clodagh clear and concise notes each week which are easy to understand and targeted specifically for the leaving cert exam. To show you how effective Shane is, Clodagh is considering studying French in University this Septekber. This was unthinkable a year ago for her. Shane is definitely worth his fee. I would 100% recommend Shane to anyone struggling with French in secondary school.
  • Jan 2021
    Seán Martyn By taking grinds from Shane, I noticed that my results improved significantly. His comprehensive notes are well structured and easy to understand and his patience really helped me improve in Irish to the extent that it helped me get my first choice course in University.
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