Tutor Name Aisling Selvaggio
Lesson Type One-to-One   Group   Online
Last Online 6 Apr 2020
Tutor Bio
Hi there, my name is Aisling Selvaggio and I offer grinds/1:1 online tutoring to both Junior and Senior cycle students in German and Biology.

All my 1:1 sessions come with:
- Hourly 1:1 work sessions
- Homework for pupils to work on prior to the next lesson
- Material to study along with easy-to-follow notes
- (Optional) Recorded online work sessions so pupils can rewatch and revisit the material we covered
- Continuous online support (email/text) for students throughout term

Before I started tutoring students 1:1, I joined the Voluntary Tuition Programme at Trinity College Dublin where I was able to develop key skills in delivering academic assistance to students who needed it most.
Following on that and for the last 3-4 years, I have tutored pupils in Maths, English, German, Irish and Biology - primarily focusing on German.
Two of my Leaving Certificate pupils from 2018-2019, were able to increase their grades over the course of a year, achieving H1 & H3 respectively.

Approach to Grinds:
- The pupil gains a proper understanding into the fundamentals of the subject and will not be forced to "learn-off" things they do not even understand in the month or 2 before the exam.
- The pupil gains a proper handle on all aspects of grammar and key vocabulary (German)
- The teaching is at a pace at which the pupil can follow and does not feel overwhelmed
- New concepts are given and explained in bite sized, easy to digest pieces
- The pupil's confidence in the subject is built up through encouragement and understanding.

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