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I am a German native level speaker and have a Masters degree in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry from the Georg-August University Göttingen, one of the top German Universities. I have been preparing students for their Leaving Cert exams in both German and Biology for 10 years. 

For those wanting to prepare for the German Oral Exam, we spend some time working on their pronunciation to bring them as close as possible to a native-level speaker standard. I work 1 on 1 with the students so that the material for the Oral Exam is unique to them and something that they enjoy talking about. I have a range of supplementary material to cover Grammar, Sentence Structure and other topics a bit more in-depth than is possible in School. I talk with the student to identify any areas they may be struggling with and try to bring them up as much as we can in these areas.

In my tutoring, I use an evidence-based approach so that each session maximizes student learning. After working with a student on a regular basis, I aim to identify and implement the techniques that are going to be most beneficial to the individual. In preparation for the first few sessions, I ask tutees to let me know the topics recently studied, or those that they would like to support, so I can prepare an enjoyable, but challenging the first session tailored to the needs of the student.

The first grind is always given free of charge. The cost of grinds is 40EUR per hour. Discounts are available for group sessions. If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact me.

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5 average based on 13 reviews
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  • Aug 2022
    Jim Kennedy My son James started grinds with Mattes this month, he's noticed a considerable improvement in his German already. We're really happy to have Mattes as a tutor for his Leaving Cert.
  • Jul 2022
    Kevin I was struggling in Biology in 5th year and really wanted to get my grades up. I found Mattes on grindsworld. Mattes has really helped me to not only get my grades up but made it enjoyable to learn. I felt really confident going into my exams this year and felt I did well. Thanks for all your help!
  • Jun 2022
    Jade Taylor I had biology grinds with Mattes for the last year, he was a really great teacher and helped me to increase my grades from a H4 to a H2 in the mocks and helped me feel really confident for the exam!
  • Jun 2022
    Roisin Kennedy Our daughter has been taking German grinds for the last year and has noticed a considerable improvement in her grades. She did very well in her oral exam this year. Mattes has been a fantastic teacher, he has given her a big range of extra material to prepare for the written exam too.
  • Jun 2022
    Barry Connell Thanks Mattes for all the help with the grinds this year. I really think my German has improved a lot, couldn't have done it without you!
  • May 2022
    Gearoid Healy My son James was looking to do an Erasmus semester abroad in Cologne and wanted to make sure his German was as good as it could be before going. Mattes has really helped him to improve his conversational German and grammar. My son is really happy and feels confident for his semester abroad. I highly recommend Mattes as a tutor for those looking.
  • May 2022
    Fiona Galvin Mattes helped my Son to prepare for his German oral exam this year. My son found Mattes to be very patient with him, and that he made it more fun to learn German. Thanks for everything Mattes
  • Apr 2022
    Nora Keating Mattes is an excellent tutor! We worked on my grammar and essay writing. He also helped me proof my college work. Mattes was great at explaining any mistakes I made in German and giving me new vocab and phrases to use in essay writing.
  • Apr 2022
    Simon Our daughter had never enjoyed learning languages in school. She started grinds with Mattes halfway through fifth year and it really changed the way she looked at learning German. She began to look forward to each lesson and her results in school increased a lot. I can highly recommend Mattes to anyone who is looking for a tutor
  • Apr 2022
    John We got Mattes to help our soon who is doing LC German this year. Our son was engaged throughout the year and really looked forward to each lesson. Thanks again Mattes
  • Apr 2022
    Nicola Mattes helped me to prepare for my LC exams this year. I found him to be a very patient teacher who really made it enjoyable to learn German.
  • Apr 2022
    Kehinde Mattes has been a fantastic Biology tutor. An excellent help to my son. He is very dedicate, enthusiastic, calm and a good listener. He has excellent teaching approach and I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for Biology tutor. I am delighted having you Mattes, thanks a million.
  • Apr 2022
    Aideen Great teacher, makes biology easy to comprehend.
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