Tutor Name Hillary Sheridan
Lesson Type One-to-One   Online
Website hllrsheridan791@gmail.com
Last Online 6 Sep 2020
Tutor Bio
i am fluent Irish speaker who abtained a 1.1 in Gaeilge. I have excellent grammar skills and am able to have a conversation in the language. I have plenty of teaching skills through teaching at Irish summer colleges and therefore I am familiar with the layout of the junior and leaving cert curriculum. Currently training as a teacher on the PME program

I am passionate about giving the student the appropriate knowledge and skills required to do well in exams and for irish Grinds i will also provide a mock oral exam and feedback.

Junior Cert

Religious Education

Leaving Cert

Religious Education

Third Level

Irish Music and Dance


Dublin 1
Dublin 2
Dublin 3
Dublin 7
Dublin 9
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