Tutor Name Sagar goswami
Lesson Type One-to-One   Group   Online
Website https://github.com/sagar625
Last Online 27 Nov 2019
Tutor Bio
Greetings, I am doing Masters in Big data analytics and Artificial intelligence currently. I have experience in teaching Mathematics and Computer science to senior students. I hold a 2:1 engineering degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and a post graduate diploma in Big data analytics. I can subjects like Algebra, Calculus, Linear algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Vectors etc in Mathematics and Python programming, SQL, Object oriented programming , data structures like subjects in Computer science. I am friendly and fluent and loves to share the skills, I have.

Junior Cert

Science (Revised Syllabus)

Leaving Cert


Third Level

Computer Science
Data Communications
Database Management
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