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As one of the pioneers of online tutoring in Ireland, I have methods proven successful for over a decade and thus highly suitable for tutoring during the disruption caused by the coronavirus. Over the years I've consistently been rated one of the best English tutors in Ireland.

1. My students’ Leaving Cert. results for 2020-21 were as follows: eight H1s and nine H2s. None of my students got lower than an H2.
Junior Cycle results 2018-19: two Distinctions, three Higher Merits and three Merits. Please see my profile on this site for my dozens of 5-star reviews.

2. The the price is 47 euro per hour. The online lessons proceed precisely the way face-to-face tuition would, except that with the use of Google Docs we are able to go through student work line-by-line in a much more detailed way than is possible face-to-face.

4. I am also highly skilled and experienced at helping students resolve problems with motivation and study discipline. In fact, if a student is willing to try one simple technique I suggest, I guarantee that they will leave any such problems behind.

5. As the tuitions field is so rife with unprofessionalism, I should also emphasise that I am extremely reliable and punctual.

My tutoring summary is as follows: twenty years' of teaching and one-to-one tutoring and editing in the Irish education system, with excellent results for over seven hundred of students at all levels. As well as focusing in great detail on each subject's syllabus for the examinations, I also offer clear guidance in study skills, stylish and mistake-free essay writing, and exam preparation and technique.

I know the set texts, previous exam papers and the entire syllabus inside-out, and the shortcuts and hacks to guaranteed exam success. The approaches to Junior Cert. and Leaving Cert. that can save students dozens or hundreds of hours of wasted time.

I teach my students which parts of the exam can be answered using prepared essays (the answer may be far more than you think), thus taking much of the pressure off the student come exam day.

I teach students how to easily achieve full marks in Reading Comprehension and for the Unseen texts by analysing previous exam questions in detail and accurately anticipating the types that will come up each year.

I teach Idea, Evidence and Explanation, the one central skill that applies right throughout all English exams, the skill that when practised is guaranteed to achieve an H2 or Higher Merit at the lowest.

If you get in touch I'll be happy to explain all of this in detail.

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5 average based on 30 reviews
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  • Feb 2019
    lisa I couldn't be happier with Sean as our tutor for English. He is very reliable and punctual -- not always the case with private tutors -- and his way of simplifying the subject and focusing on exactly what the exam questions require mean that English has really come alive for my daughter. She feels much more confident and clear about how to proceed now under Sean's guidance. He is also highly skilled and effective in helping her study her other subjects for all the hours that she (or I!) would like her too. I would strongly recommend him to any other family.
  • Feb 2019
    Peter I can only agree with the other comments here. My daughter began making real progress in English after her very first lesson with Sean, and has continued to do so. Not only have her marks improved dramatically, but she is also showing an enthusiasm for the subject that was seldom there before. In addition, Sean has helped her greatly to organise her studies for all her other subjects, making sure that she puts in the hours required and, even more importantly, making these hours as effective as possible.
  • Feb 2019
    Urosh Sean is the English tutor every Leaving Cert student wants. Sean is both extremely helpful and knowledgeable. He is always enthusiastic and willing to help. Thanks to Sean my confidence in the subject has improved immensely. His positive style of teaching has managed to make English one of my favourite subjects. I would definitely recommend Sean as a tutor for any student who wishes to get an H1.
  • Feb 2019
    Rosina Sean really is a terrific English tutor. I like the way he focuses completely on the exams, showing me precisely what’s needed to achieve full marks across both papers. He also marks work in more detail than any English teacher I know. I can highly recommend him.
  • Feb 2019
    Abi Sean is a wonderful teacher, he is experienced and really knows how to teach my son. He is patient and has his technique of getting the student engaged. I am impressed.
  • Feb 2019
    Sarah Sean is great! My daughter was good at English but struggling to get high marks leading up to the Leaving Cert. Sean set her on the right track with great advice and guidance. He made an immediate difference to her grades. She now has full confidence in getting a good mark in June.
  • Feb 2019
    Ubor He is a good tutor and has helped Sarah to understand the subject better.
  • Feb 2019
    Killian I would highly recommend Sean as an English tutor. My son is currently preparing for his Leaving Cert English exam and finds Sean a great help. Sean helped my son by building up both his confidence and competence by completing a detailed analysis of the course content and explaining it in an easy to learn way. Sean also focused on exam preparation and how best to structure and answer each question type. Sean corrected my son’s work and provided detailed feedback. Sean has built up a great rapport and has hugely motivated my son. Sean has been reliable, organised, punctual and a constant professional throughout. Thank you Sean!
  • Feb 2019
    Loretta Sean has given my daughter English grinds since April. He has been professional and punctual. He has encouraged my daughter to be more engaged with the subject by increasing her confidence and providing valuable advise on how to approach exam questions. I would definitely recommend Sean as a tutor, only wish we found him sooner!
  • Feb 2019
    Sean Inspired and inspiring are only two of the great characteristics of this tutor. The proof of the pudding… is that my Leaving Cert son is beaming broadly after each lesson and is keen to continue out to the end of summer and beyond. It's one thing to know your specialist subject and quite another to infect others with a passion for that subject. My rating - 10 out of 5 … if I could.
  • Feb 2019
    Susan Gus' English results have improved by 20% since Sean has been tutoring him. Gus' has more confidence in his ability and will continue Seans English grinds for 6th year. Sean is a great English tutor and a mentor to Gus.
  • Feb 2019
    Mary Sean gave honours English grinds for leaving cert to my son this year. He was very reliable, extremely hard working and very clear and concise. His tuition and feedback was top class and I have no hesitation in awarding him 5.
  • Feb 2019
    Fadilah Sean is a wise man of his word, and has a genuine interest in seeing people succeed and be productive. He uses clear techniques and explains his fool-proof methods thoroughly. He knows the English State Examinations game very well and has analysed the system with eagle-like precision which enables him to provide a marker's viewpoint and get top marks. Be warned though; he has quite a tendency to inspire people to be the best versions of themselves both in and out of the exam hall. With him as a tutor, you will not be misled.
  • Feb 2019
    Stephane Excellent teacher. I would recommend him.
  • Feb 2019
    Deirdre Excellent service. I have learned many things which allow me to use my time in the exam more efficiently and score as high as I possibly can that I never would have been taught in school. The English Leaving Cert exam poses a much smaller threat to me now.
  • Feb 2019
    Eileen Sean is an excellent tutor who has not only helped me to immensely improve my academic writing, but to actually enjoy it. He is extremely reliable and has NEVER cancelled a session. I would highly recommend Sean to anyone who is really keen to learn because he is very dedicated.
  • Feb 2019
    Rory Sean is an excellent Tutor, he currently is helping my son with Leaving Certificate Higher Level English . My son is now much more confident and is achieving high results in house exams. I would highly recommend Sean to any student looking to improve their English capabilities and results.
  • Feb 2019
    Eilish Has a very good rapport with his students. Very reliable and honest
  • Feb 2019
    Michelle Our son started English tuition with Sean in October and finds him fantastic. Sean is very clear and inspires confidence. Our son is really impressed with Sean’s in-depth knowledge of the leaving cert curriculum and his ability to impart that knowledge seamlessly. We would highly recommend Sean.
  • Feb 2019
    Margaret Sean is an excellent tutor. He is very thorough and has real insight into the Junior Cert English course and exam requirements. My son has found him to be very motivational and Sean has really encouraged him and increased his enjoyment and understanding of the subject. Sean gives detailed feedback, which is clear and comprehensive. I did wonder whether tutoring online via skype would sufficiently engage my son, and have been pleased to find that Sean is very well set up for online tutoring and that this mode of tutoring is convenient and engaging, and works smoothly. I am very glad that we have Sean as an English tutor for our son.
  • Feb 2019
    Goran One of the best tutors our sons have ever had.
  • Feb 2019
    Jannat We are delighted with the progress our daughter has made under Sean. We cannot recommend him highly enough.
  • Feb 2019
    Peter We are very happy with the job that Sean is doing. Kayla's teacher in school has commented on much she has improved at English.
  • Feb 2019
    Annette Sean inspires confidence in his students and our son is making great progress under his guidance.
  • Feb 2019
    Eimear Sean is a truly fantastic English tutor and helped me achieve an H1. He knows the Leaving Cert course inside-out and in particular, what exactly is required to obtain that coveted H1. He removes any vagueness and ambiguity to do with the exam, yet at the meantime instills a great appreciation for the subject in the student. I would highly recommend Sean to anybody who is aiming for top marks in their LC English exam.
  • Feb 2019
    Stewart Sean has an excellent approach which instills self-confidence. Very professional and flexible.
  • Feb 2019
    Colm We're very happy with the quality of tutoring that Seán is providing for our son. I can already see an improvement in Shane's grammar and sentence structure. It's clear to us that he puts a lot of effort into preparing for each session. We're perfectly happy to continue to work with Seán for the betterment of our son.
  • Feb 2019
    Carmen My son finds Sean's tutorials excellent.
  • Feb 2019
    Helen Excellent. Niamh is amazed by how much she has learned in two weeks. If you are looking for the best English tutor then Seàn is the person. Cannot recommend him highly enough.
  • Feb 2019
    Joe Sean tutors my son Cathal. We find him to be an excellent tutor. He is highly motivated and ambitious for his students. He is very precise in his lessons and is very clear on what he wants to achieve. Time keeping is also very important to him and it is full on from the minute the lesson starts. We recommend him highly.
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